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Corneramp Redux
CornerAmp Redux v1.0

Dock the main window in whichever corner you wish:
  • Drag it towards a corner and release it
  • Right-click on the CornerAmp word and select whichever corner you prefer
  • Left-click on the CornerAmp word to return to the previous position
CornerAmp Redux is a continuation of CornerAmp 1.4 with bug fixes and additions for Winamp 5.666.

CornerAmp’s shape was inspired by Reintegration, an Audion face by Jake Rodkin, but, unlike Reintegration, it fits in any of the four corners of the screen.

Changes between CornerAmp v1.4 and CornerAmp Redux v1.0
  • CornerAmp now remembers the last position after restart
  • Fixed initial position bug by setting the default position to the top-left corner
  • Added equalizer
  • Restored Winamp 3 studio buttons and scrollbars
  • Added PE Info for Playlist Editor’s status bar
  • Fixed listview colors
Release History
December 30 & 31, 2001
  Nine of Nine announces the skin: [1], [2]
January 13, 2002
  Nine of Nine announces the release of CornerAmp

January 30, 2002
  Nine of Nine publishes CornerAmp 1.2 at and

February 1, 2002
  Nine of Nine publishes CornerAmp 1.2 at DeviantArt

February 3, 2002
  Darren Bolton publishes StaticCornerAmp, a modification of CornerAmp 1.2 with different graphics

April 4, 2002
  Anthony Pinçon shares CornerAmp 1.2 at Net Skins

August 30, 2002
  RazorZero uploads CornerAmp 1.3 and 1.4 with permission from Evil Pumpkin

September 13, 2002
  RazorZero publishes CornerAmp 1.5 with extra buttons and 13 color themes

October 16, 2002
  CornerAmp 1.5 is a featured skin at

June 19, 2003
  RazorZero publishes CornerAmp 1.6 at

December 24, 2003
  Rellik shares CornerAmp 1.5 at the Winamp forum

December 3, 2008
  LightningStrike shares CornerAmp 1.4 at DeviantArt

June 22, 2013
  LightningStrike publishes CornerAMP 2.0, a modification of CornerAmp 1.4 in WMP11 style

August 3, 2017
  CornerAmp Redux brings back CornerAmp 1.4 with bug fixes and additions for Winamp 5.666

August 5, 2017
  Cleaned up studio-elements.xml
A screenshot of Reintegration+, an Audion face by Jake Rodkin that inspired CornerAmp.

Download Audion 3.0.2 for OS 9 or OS X from the The Panic File Museum
Graviton 1.1
A Skin Consortium skin with a unique user interface

Skin design by Daniel Mauch (sonicfour aka infinil)
Coding by Neal van den Eertwegh (UUL)
Color themes and additional coding by Ralph Barber (QuadHelix)
Final touch up by Kev Jaques (SLoB)

Updated for Winamp 5.666 by Ariszló
Permission to publish the updated skin was received from Ralph Barber on June 13, 2017.

  • Hover over the main window to turn the song ticker into play buttons
  • Change the Library button to Visuals to toggle main window visualization
  • 33 color themes (including the default theme) and 2 player modes
Known issues
  • The toggle buttons are supposed to be freely rearrangeable but they are not. Visuals will only work at the initial position of the Library button.
  • Whenever you toggle Visuals, the notifier pops up first with Playback Paused and then with the currently played title.
Version 1.1 (2017-06-15)
  • Updated notifier to OpenSource Notifier 3.1 (the original notifier does not fade out in recent versions of Winamp).
  • The color of scrollbar arrows and grips matches the color of scrollbar borders.
  • The scrollbars of the Themes list in the Configuration window are made similar to the scrollbars of the Media Library.
  • Changed the color definition of studio.list.item.focused to fix the background color of the clicked item in the Themes tab of the Configuration window. (Light gray text on a light grey background was unreadable.)
  • Commented out firsttime.maki in message.xml (alpha blending is enabled by default).
  • Added screenshot.png for Skin Manager.


ClassicPro skins are Winamp Modern skins with a single-window interface. They require the ClassicPro plugin, which comes with two pre-installed skins: cPro Bento and cPro2 Aluminum.

To avoid double-listing of skins like cPro minimal or cPro WinampVista in this short list, the download numbers of republished or updated skins are added up with the download numbers of the originally published skins.
  1. cPro Das Skin (2009) 42,991
  2. cPro Niveum (color pack, 2008) 36,925
  3. cPro2 - minimal (2013, an update of cPro - minimal, 2010) 25,889
  4. cPro Ebonite (2008) 18,280
  5. cPro - SC (2008) 16,287
  6. cPro Gold 6 Pack (2009) 14,574
  7. cPro - Insomnis v2 (2008, an update of cPro - Insomnis) 13,925
  8. cPro - cMP10 (2008) 7,936
  9. cPro AyonPlayer (2011) 7,112
  10. cPro WinampVista (2008, republished in the WinampSkinners group) 6,478
  11. cPro - NV7382 (2008) 5,206
  12. cPro - Blue Tech (2008, also at WinampSkinners) 5,009
  13. cPro Satin Port v1.1 (2 skins, 2012; updates of cPro Satin Port, 2011) 4,911
  14. cPro - Winamp Media Player 12 (2009) 4,754
  15. cPro Erbium (2008, also at WinampSkinners) 4,127
  16. cPro - cMP11B (2008) 3,697
  17. cPro Vista SimpleX (2008) 3,484
  18. cPro Expensive Hi-Fi (2 skins, 2009) 3,280
  19. cPro MMD (2008) 3,246
  20. cPro - Ayon Port (2011) 2,878


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